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About Us

Egoola Ltd. is the first Sales & Service Company in the Bangladesh. Egoola Ltd. started its journey on September 14, 2021 with an in-depth understanding of the needs of job seekers and employers in the country context and those interested in getting the easiest service and to have a strong impact on e-business or e-services.
Our goal and objective is to improve the quality of service and mainstream business and internet technology in the society.
The goal of our web site is to ensure that a business, service provider and customer using the Internet can access its maximum benefits in the easiest and fastest time possible. We believe our services will help people from all walks of life manage their careers and business lives more efficiently. This site will help service providers and clients and businesses to create opportunities for everyone to express their own work and talents, help people of all classes to solve all problems according to their needs and save their time and money. Since its launch, egoola.com has been able to attract Internet users across the country. The site regularly updates all information, providing information on service providers and posting online applications. The site has also been able to get good response from all classes of people and organizations in the country. Egoola.com has been able to assist those who are interested in online / offline full time or part time business, employment, services and services.
Company Management
Md. Anowar Matubbar
Managing Director
Istiak Mohammad Mim
Director, Developer
Jannat Akter Mukta
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Technical Team
Mehedi Hassan Abid
Technology and Product
Md. Emon
Sales & Marketing Team
Md. Abdur Rahman Sojib
Marketing & Sales